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Congratulations New Emeralds Steve & Sheri Wang

We are Steve & Sheri Wang. We're sponsored by George & Kathy Blackmore on up to Jake & Jackie Baker. We have a 2 year old daughter, named Anna, and another one on the way. We currently live in Charlotte, NC but Sheri grew up in Ohio and Steve is from Delaware. Sheri has a background in childcare. Steve graduated from the University of Richmond with dual degrees. He currently works as a financial advisor.

While we saw the opportunity as singles and loved the team, it wasn't until we got married that we decided to build our business to the platinum level. It took us 15 months to go 7500 from that point. We qualified platinum at ages 24 and 29.

We can honestly say from our experience that having a Q12 platinum business changed our lives! For us having that Q12 platinum business allowed us to pay off all of our debt from student loans, cars, etc. For us, it's also allowed us to take control of our finances which created more peace in our household.

We've also had some amazing travel opportunities paid for by the Amway corporation including Orlando, San Diego, Dallas, & Nashville.

After saying all this you can imagine how excited we are for our three teams who are qualified Platinum and above! We are thrilled for them and so proud of them! You don't go Emerald by yourself. Like we learn from Larry Winters, we qualified Platinum, know how we did it, and are teaching & helping others to do the same. 7 simple projects! 4 down, 3 to go!

Being a wing couple to our phenomenal upline Jake & Jackie Baker and doing our part to help their goal of 15,000 strong in 2024 is what motivates us! Let's go Team ISI!



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