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Congratulations New Founders Sapphires Allen & Karen Adams

Hello to Team ISI!! We are Allen and Karen Adams from Lexington, Kentucky. We have two awesome daughters, Faith is 12 and Grace is 9. We are sponsored by Bobby and Karita Robins, and upline from them are Diamonds Jake and Jackie Baker!! Allen grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and got a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Transylvania University. Karen is from Cincinnati, Ohio and went to Eastern Kentucky University for undergraduate school and got a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky. Allen currently works as an accountant. When we started our business, Karen was teaching at UK, but because of this opportunity hasn’t worked a job in 13 years!

When we got started we saw this business as a way to pay off some student loans, and stabilize us financially. As we met the big team, got to know our upline and the leaders on Team ISI, we realized this was a business that could help us change our family’s future through helping other people achieve their goals and dreams. In short, we saw this much bigger than just a small side income. We joined the mission of Team ISI to help set the captives free! This culture provided an environment that brought, and still brings, the best out of us.

We have an amazing team of people and leaders who impact a multitude of others around them, both in and out of this business. We are so proud of our entire team and all the people that are winning. We have been able to take many amazing trips and make great memories with our team, our upline, and with the Team ISI leaders. Our passion is to to help many more people on our team succeed at high levels as we move on to Emerald, on our way to Diamond. Our team will be a big part of Jake and Jackie’s vison of taking Team ISI to 15,000 IBOs through 300 Platinum teams in LTD Stadium in Dallas, TX in 2024!


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