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Congratulations New Founders Emeralds Brandon & Amanda Galvan

Hey Team ISI! We are Brandon and Amanda Galvan and sponsored in business by Daniel Sprague. We have two beautiful girls, Ella Grace and Emery, and we live in Dallas, Tx.

When we were introduced to the business we were 19 and 21 years old. Brandon’s background is in business and finance but at the time when seeing the business he was still in college. Amanda was just about to graduate when introduced to the business and has a background in education.

Brandon was on track to take over his fathers financial planning business one day. However, he was always concerned about the time commitment of owning a traditional business and what that would mean for time away from his family. The turning point for us was seeing the potential of this Amway opportunity with the LTD system. We got excited about designing our own life where we could control our time and money. And also not have to work within the confines of a 9 to 5 job. Through the partnership with our mentors and hard consistent work we were able to reach 7500 points in our 12th month in business, Ruby our second year, and now wrapping up Emerald in our 5th year of business. We are so grateful for the coaching that was offered to us and even more importantly to our God for His many blessings in our lives.

We always share with people that we were never initially passionate about selling products or reaching out to people about business BUT we decided to commit to the work anyways because we were passionate about the life we could create for our family through this opportunity.

Ironically, along the way we became very passionate about this business. In our opinion we believe we have a platform to create impact, and help others (if they choose to work it) have a better financial future. In fact, helping others have better financial futures has, thus far, been one of our greatest joys! We're excited to continue to partner with the people on our team as Team ISI goes to 15K in 2024.


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