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Congratulations New Founders Platinums Joey & Missy Siemer

Hey Team! We are Joey and Missy Siemer from Lexington, Kentucky. We are personally sponsored by Allen and Karen Adams through Bobby and Karita Robins and Jake and Jackie Baker. Joey has a degree in graphic design from Antonelli College in Cincinnati, OH and currently works as an art teacher. Missy has degrees in biology and chemistry. She completed her doctorate in audiology at the University of Cincinnati and is currently working as an audiologist at a large multi-specialty medical clinic. We have been successful in our corporate careers, but what we are really excited about is building our future, with this opportunity!

Qualifying Platinum has been a blast! There is nothing like helping people win in their own lives. We have a team of winners that feels more like a family and we are excited to continue helping them achieve. Next, we have our eyes set on Q-12 and Ruby as we help our first organization finish Platinum right behind us! Team ISI has a big goal for 2024! We are excited to contribute to the 300 Platinum teams on Team ISI filling LTD stadium!

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