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Congratulations New Q12s David & Kelly Jameson

We are David & Kelly Jameson, sponsored by Brandon & Amanda Galvan on the Win & Lara Brown, Derly & Catalina Trevino, Mike & Janell Russell, Steve & Sue McFerren, Pat & Danene Conditt and Jake & Jackie Baker team. We currently live in Dallas, Texas. David went to Texas A&M and got a degree in biomedical sciences. He has a background in semi professional soccer and currently works as a medical underwriter for insurance companies. Kelly went to the University of Cincinnati and studied marketing and real estate. She also works as a medical underwriter.

We are proud of everyone on the Jameson team not just on this accomplishment of Q12 but the people they are becoming everyday! We are excited to continue helping the people on our team accomplish their goals. We're also excited to be a part of helping the Galvans become some of the youngest diamonds in the LTD system in the near future. If we can do it you can do it too! Mark 9:23


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