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Congratulations New Q12s Jeremy & Heather Funderburk

Hey Team ISI!

We are Jeremy and Heather Funderburk and we are both born and raised in Charlotte, NC. We are blessed to be sponsored by New Emeralds Steve and Sheri Wang. We are so thankful for their invaluable mentorship, their incredible example, and the time, money, and tireless work that they invested into us and our team. Jeremy’s background is in traditional business ownership and Heather is a Practice Manager for a financial planning firm. We both started our businesses single and Jeremy was introduced to the business 8 in depth of Heather (good things come from depth)! Heather saw this business as an opportunity to create more options in her life, so she didn't have to climb the corporate ladder forever, and Jeremy saw an opportunity for influence, generational wealth, and legacy. This team has been a huge blessing for us to be able to progress towards those things, but it has also enlarged our vision for so much more! We are beyond excited to play our part in LTD going 100k strong and being impact players on Team ISI to help Jake and Jackie set the captives free. We are grateful for our incredible team, that is on this journey with us, and feel honored to play a part in their success and helping them achieve an incredible life for their families. Our next step is helping more of them get Project 1/Platinum done. We are excited about all he growth this next fiscal year will hold, and thrilled to experience our first Achievers trip to Orlando in October!


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Congratulations!!! I am so honored to be on a team with you bright, wonderful people!


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