Congratulations New Emeralds Zack & Amanda Miller

Hey Team ISI!  We are Zack And Amanda Miller from Lexington KY!  We are sponsored in this amazing business by some of our best friends, Allen & Karen Adams.  Upline from them are Bobby & Karita Robins, and Jake & Jackie Baker.  There is no way that we would have the success we have today if it wasn’t for those couples loving us, leading us, and believing in us!  

We have two amazing kiddos, Truth (9), and Ruthie Grace (8).  Amanda has a degree in social work and worked at a school as a secretary.   Zack has a degree in Business Administration and worked in construction and real estate.  

We are so excited to have just achieved the Emerald level, but we remember starting at zero just like everyone else!  Zero people, zero customers, zero PV!  When we were shown this opportunity, we really only saw it as a way to just make a couple hundred bucks a month.  But boy, were we wrong!  We have been able to accomplish some amazing things like paying off debt, helping out family, investing into our children’s education, traveling with our family and the team, and much more!

As awesome as that is, it’s important to us that you know that none of that happened because we are great, or talented or lucky.  It happened because we worked hard, are part of a great team, and we took advantage of the amazing system!  

Of course, another big part of our success is that we have an amazing team!  No one is able to hit the Emerald level in this business on their own!  The Marshall Team, Ernstberger Team, and Hunt Teams all worked hard and really grew in 2020!  We are so proud of those teams and their achievements!  

We just want to encourage you to keep staying steady!  We certainly have not set any speed records in this business, but we are winning simply because we never quit.  Our journey has been longer and more difficult than we anticipated on day one, but it has certainly been WAY more rewarding than we ever could have imagined!!!!  We love this business, the team, and are so thankful that we are able to use it to pursue our purpose and passions in life!  Our final advice to you: Get Started, Don’t Quit, Get Wide, and Stay Steady!  We hope to see you on the trails soon!  Go Diamond !!!