Congratulations New Platinums Abel & E Ernstberger

Hey Team ISI! We are Abel and Elizabeth (known as “E”) Ernstberger! We are personally sponsored by Zack and Amanda Miller, upline from there are Allen/Karen Adams, Bobby/Karita Robins, and Jake/Jackie Baker. We live in Greenfield, Indiana and have 3 daughters, Joyce (8), Helen (7), and Alice (5). Abel obtained an MBA with a focus in finance from Ball State University, and currently owns a private Health Insurance company, and E obtained her teaching degree from Ball State University, and currently works as a supervisor at a medical fitness facility, and teaches Zumba!

We are pumped! Zack and Amanda told us "Go help others win, and you'll end up winning yourself" and wow, it's the truth! Our team stepped up BIG TIME and took responsibility to grow their businesses, and we are very proud of each one of them. E is beyond excited to go on the Platinum Shopping Trip with the ladies, as it's been a dream of hers since she learned about it! We are excited to see our team move through the Team ISI Playbook, and help Team ISI break more Platinums! #15kin2024