Congratulations New Ruby's Moses & Loyce Alvarado

Hey Team ISI! We are Moses and Loyce Alvarado and are sponsored in business by Steve and Sue McFerren.

We have five grown children and live in the Houston area. Moses grew up farming in a small North Texas town and has a background in retail management and I am from the Houston area and have a background in office administration.

When Moses saw the business opportunity, he not only saw a way of creating additional income, but he saw men of integrity he could follow. A few years later when he introduced me to the business team, I saw a way to have options that weren’t currently available to me. Along the way, we got married and have built the business together.

Going Ruby has been exciting as we're making twice as much as we did at platinum. Achieving Ruby was definitely a team effort though. The Core 300 program has been a game changer for us as people on our team have taken ownership of their business to a whole new level! We are so proud of our team of “warriors and warriorettes” (as we call them) because they are moving on in a big way.

We are so grateful and privileged to be under the leadership of Jake & Jackie Baker and Team ISI.

Ruby is just a stepping stone to Diamond and being impact players on the Baker 15,000/LTD 100,000 strong at Dallas Cowboys stadium in 2024!

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