Congratulations New Founders Emeralds West & Martha Poland

Hello Team ISI! We are West and Martha Poland, sponsored in this great business by our diamonds, Jake and Jackie Baker. We have two awesome kiddos, Kassie and Kayden, and live in Kernersville, NC. We both were collegiate athletes (golf and volleyball) and graduated from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. West studied Math and Martha received degrees in Biology and Chemistry. When introduced to the business, West owned a traditional business and Martha was the Marketing Director for a medical sales company. We were both succeeding in our careers but we saw this vehicle as an opportunity to pay off thousands of dollars in debt and also provide the potential for financial freedom. What a pleasure it is to continue paying this opportunity forward on our way to diamond with the purpose of helping others prosper in every area of their life as well. Our family motto is "we are blessed to be a blessing."

One of the greatest rewards this business gives us, is making memories as a family and with our team. We've had the opportunity to go on many Amway reward trips to amazing cities such as Orlando, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas and Washington, DC. We've also had the pleasure of traveling with our Team ISI buddies on multiple cruises and to beautiful destination resorts around the country. Making memories never gets old and we look forward to many upcoming trips including one with our family and Jake and Jackie to the Greenbrier resort in WV...another dream coming true.

Whatever your "why" was for deciding to partner with this team, we want to encourage you and tell you that you can do it! The environment provided by this great team has literally helped us change everything about how our life would have looked and we are forever grateful! Onward to DIAMOND!