Congratulations New Platinums Jonathan & Maria Simpson

Hey Team ISI, we are Jonathan and Maria Simpson, sponsored by the amazing Vance and Jenn Marshall on up through Zack & Amanda Miller, Allen & Karen Adams, Bobby & Karita Robins, and Jake & Jackie Baker. We are 30 and 28 years old and live in Nashville, TN. Jonathan grew up mostly in Middle Tennessee. He has a degree in political science from Xavier University and a background in the finance industry. He currenlty owns a financial consulting company. Maria grew up in Cali, Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and came to the U.S. in 2016 to get an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University. She has a background in corporate marketing and is now full time in our Amway business.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team for achieving the Platinum level. It was an accomplishment that we’ve been thinking about for years. Last year, in 2019, we decided it was time to do it. We had to take the first step, but our team followed and since then our business has grown tremendously. We are now excited to see how many other people we can help go Platinum. We have found that this business can be challenging at times, but it's always fun! The mentorship program we have with Team ISI and LTD has been a huge factor in our success. Due to our mentors and the LTD education system, not only have we been able to go Platinum but we have been able to achieve a lot of our dreams already including owning a home and being full time entrepreneurs. There is no better association we have found than with this team and we are excited to share the opportunity with others for many years to come.

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