Congratulations New Q12s Jonathan & Amy Keppler

Hello Team ISI! We are Jonathan and Amy Keppler. We are personally sponsored by Ray Bales, up through Tom & Amy Bock, West & Martha Poland, and Jake & Jackie Baker. Jonathan grew up in Rochester, NY and saw the business plan during his last semester of his MBA program at Niagara University. Amy grew up in Clemson, SC and saw the business plan while working as a Personal Training Director for a major fitness facility in Knoxville, TN. Today we live in Charlotte, NC and both currently work in the corporate finance industry.

We are so excited about accomplishing the Q12 Platinum level in business! We are very thankful for everyone in our upline and we would not be where we are today, in life or business, without the coaching mentorship we have received. They have been the biggest encouragers and examples to us in every area. We also have an incredible team of winners that are excited about being part of something bigger than themselves as well as accomplishing their own dreams and goals.

We have had several pictures come off our vision board during our first year of Q12: the Team ISI Buying Trip, the Platinum dinner with our upline Diamonds at Prime 112, and even being invited to speak on stage at a major conference. The next pictures will come off in October and November when we cash our first $15,000 bonus check and go to Dallas on on our first Achiever's Trip!

We are continuing to follow the playbook as we put in the structure to get Vision 1 done. Our team is unified on being the biggest blessing to our upline and focused on being excuse removers. We look forward to seeing you all on the road to Diamond!

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