Congratulations New Q12s Fayaz & Sonia Sundrani

Hey Team ISI! We are Fayaz & Sonia Sundrani personally sponsored by Derly Trevino. We are both 28 years old. Sonia’s background is in IT Consulting and runs a wedding planning business, and I have a background in corporate recruiting.

Q12 Platinum is done! We were able to qualify for our first year end bonus check of $17,500 to come in October! It will be our biggest month totaling over $20,000! We'll also be qualified for the Achievers trip in Dallas this year. We have seen so many Achievers videos with all the Team ISI leaders in them and cannot wait to finally be able to join everyone on this first class trip.

We still remember first launching our business and having fears and doubts that were mountains to us at first, but became molehills after this team upgraded our mindset as entrepreneurs and empowered us to win!

As excited as we are about Q12, it’s just the beginning for us. It’s a great reward along the way as we continue to get our structure right for 12/100 Ruby & Diamond! We couldn't be more proud of our team and grateful for all of our upline and Jake & Jackie for creating such an incredible environment for the entire Team ISI to win!

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